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Since 1997, we have been offering our clients the best two way radios in the market. These radios are designed to last you forever and to offer you amazing range and mobility, all at an affordable price. This makes us one of the most appreciated digital radios wholesalers on the market, and we’ve been so since ’97.

How to buy two way radios that meet your needs?

Since there are so many two way radios available on our store, sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to choose. There are many wholesale digital radios and we offer an equal number of analogue radios, so we want to make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, as client satisfaction is held high on AsiaRadioSales.com.

One of the first things that you need to consider is the frequency that you will want to use. There are two main frequencies, UHF or VHF. The difference lies not only in the name, as VHF stands for Very High Frequency while UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency. The difference lies in the frequency range used. The VHF runs on 136 Mhz – 174 Mhz while the UHF runs in the 450 Mhz – 470 Mhz frequent range. UHF is more popular than VHF as UHF offers better range inside concrete or steel structures and crowded inner city areas.

You should also consider whether you want private digital mobile radios or analogue radios. We offer both digital and analogue two way radios. The difference between the two is given by the way the radio signal is received and transmitted. Analogue radios are less complex and better than digital radios because they can communicate better when the signal is noisy or weak. However, the downfall of analogue radios is that these types of two way radios only enable one conversation at a time on each channel.  

Digital radios use waves to transmit the signals, and allow uninterrupted two-way conversations. These allow better quality and greater security, alongside direct calling, a stronger range, and even text messaging. Nevertheless, these are more complicated, as they all need to be programmed and designed to the same standard to be compatible between them.

What type of two way radios to choose?

Keeping all of the above in mind make sure that you know where you’re going to use the radio, and whether or not you need multiple functions or you can get along with basic functions. For example, if you’re not looking for the most expensive and most complex equipment, analog UHF radios are great, but, if you’re looking to buy wholesale digital radios for a big company, then you need to invest a little bit more.

Keeping the above tips and advice in mind, you can be sure that it’s going to be easy for you to pick the best two way radios for your needs, and that AsiaRadioSales.com is going to meet your each and every expectation of quality and reliability.


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